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light terminates captivity and ushers in true authority
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This preparatory drawing for Nya’s painting “Blueprint of Grace,” reveals how the ingress of light terminates the tenure of darkness.

As alluded to in the drawing by the tripartite silhouette of a human torso whose translation from darkness to light is emanating from The Word in red implanted within it, every human being was created by, for and through The Word of Light. Furthermore, everything on earth submits and surrenders to the authority and power of the Word of Light. Simply put, light is the preternatural power of the Creator to restore, rejuvenate, revive, reinvigorate, resuscitate, redeem, reconcile and recreate the spirit, soul and body of Man.

This print was produced on the occasion of “A true leader redeems time” a book that employs x-rays from Nya’s work, “Heir of Inheritance,” to discourse the impartiality, incorruptibility and universal nature of light.

Print Theory:

Title of the Artwork:

Light terminates captivity and ushers in true authority


Printed on true Fibre Matte paper made from Alpha cellulose, museum-etched surface, 200gsm, Archival standard.

Dimensions of Print:

11 x 8.5 inches (27.94 cm x 21.59 cm)

Artwork Publication Year:



Delivered unframed and packaged flat in a custom envelope specifically designed for protection in transit and preservation over time.

Additional Print Details:

This print is also accompanied with a synopsis of the preparatory sketch with a QR code that directs you to exclusive contents discoursing important themes raised in “Blueprint of Grace.”

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