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retired composer

Painting Synopsis:

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In this 2004 piece entitled “Retired Composer,” Nya’ employed unorthodox materials to order the components comprising his composition.

Established on multiple parallel lines while using a rich palette comprised of redemptive reds, celestial blues, burnt earth and a celebratory orange, the artist’s visual vocabulary stresses an unvarying respect of order and a keen understanding of material.

Optical illusion and trompe l'oeil, techniques reminiscent of the work of Pablo Picasso, George Braque and Jan Gris are also noticeable in this 40 x 30 inches (101.6 x 76.2 cm) canvas grounded on plywood. work. In an exhibition held in 2010 entitled “Vowels of Faith,” Nya’ distinguished “Retired Composer” as one of his most captivating works from his series “Divine Inspiration.”

In essence, “Retired Composer,” compares the mystical alchemy and the unspoken covenant shared between a musical conductor and an orchestra to the harmonious relationship a faith filled visionary has with his divine assignment.

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Retired Composer Painting Synopsis
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Poster Theory:

Poster dimensions: 38 x 24 inches (96.5 x 61 cm)

The poster is printed on a minimum of 190gsm paper. Upon printing, the poster is hand finished by the artist with vellum, inks and graphite indentations added to select areas. The artist signature is rendered in gold at the bottom left corner of the custom poster.

Please note that in view of the fact that texture, color and other fine detail graphite marks are added by the artist in select areas of the poster, every poster is unique hence the term “custom poster.”

The poster is accompanied with a certificate of authenticity and a synopsis of the painting printed on parchment and signed by the artist.

Poster Delivery:

Please expect delivery approximately 21 days after purchase. While the last 7 days are for delivery, the initial 14 allows the artist to customize and cure the poster as well as render his signature.

Additional Poster Details:

The custom poster is sold unframed, rolled and carefully packaged in a water and light resistant tube made of a very rigid plastic to protect the precious contents from bending or creasing in transit. The poster also comes with a QR code that directs you to exclusive contents discoursing important themes raised in “Retired Composer,” as well as interviews with the artist and video excerpts explicating the meaning behind the materials employed in the work.

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