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spiritual purifiers

Painting Synopsis:

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“Spiritual Purifiers” figuratively depicts this world’s systems of government as a king whose ignorance of the purpose of his power and authority renders him utterly blind to the inestimable worth of his domain. Consequently, he debases himself to a vagabond despot, a restless wonderer, a perennial complainer, a covetous buffoon and an irresponsible potentate severely plagued with the jaundice of impatience, the gall of greed and the bile of ignorance.

By disfiguring and arranging various elements in the composition in an uncouth manner, most notably the African drum, a Roman spear, and the face clad in tree twigs representing this earth’s continents, the artist’s intention is to portray how the lack of identity births the misconception of freedom and the dearth of leadership in a society, country and community leading to infighting, strife and divisions based on race, religion, tribal lines, gender and ethnic backgrounds.

Despite the harrowing mood, intensified by the scattered ashes and severed body parts strewn around the canvas that conjure up abominable memories of pagan worship, human trafficking, religious and voodoo ceremonies and ancestral worship, “Spiritual Purifiers” is an important reminder that Man was created to reign and have dominion. However, when he is ignorant of his royal lineage and identity as a “son of God” hence an ambassador, priest and king on earth, his divine inheritance granted by his redemption becomes a religious cliché. And as the strewn body parts depict, a carnal lifestyle of worshipping demonic altars, his own body and human endorsed idols now becomes his existence and impotent philosophies, ideologies and theologies from disparate religions, vile educational systems, dishonorable political leaders and influencers from different fields continue to be the source of his concepts of identity, authority, vision and purpose.

Extract from:
Spiritual Purifiers Painting Synopsis
© Copyright 2022. All Rights Reserved. Seed Gallery, New York

Poster Theory:

Poster dimensions: 26.9 x 30 inches (68.2 x 76.2 cm)

The poster is printed on a minimum of 190gsm paper. Upon printing, the poster is hand finished by the artist with vellum, burnt marks, ashes and indentations added to select areas. The artist signature is rendered in gold at the bottom left corner of the custom poster.

Please note that in view of the fact that texture and other fine detail graphite marks are added by the artist in select areas of the poster, every poster is unique hence the term “custom poster.”

The poster is accompanied with a certificate of authenticity and a synopsis of the painting printed on parchment and signed by the artist.

Poster Delivery:

Please expect delivery approximately 21 days after purchase. While the last 7 days are for delivery, the initial 14 allows the artist to customize and cure the poster as well as render his signature.

Additional Poster Details:

The custom poster is sold unframed, rolled and carefully packaged in a water and light resistant tube made of a very rigid plastic to protect the precious contents from bending or creasing in transit. The poster also comes with a QR code that directs you to exclusive contents discoursing important themes raised in “Spiritual Purifiers,” as well as interviews with the artist and video excerpts expounding on the imagery and meaning behind the materials he employed in the celebrated work.

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