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the author of true conversation
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This preparatory drawing for Nya’s painting “Eternal letters to my Beloved,” reveals how abiding in righteousness is the secret of remaining in “favor with the Creator of the Universe” and remaining in His favor is the secret to accessing the wisdom indispensable to securing the provision mandatory for fulfilling every divine assignment on earth.

As depicted by the genderless figures majestically clothed in resplendent light, abiding in righteousness is also the key for Man to bring the ideal culture and lifestyle of Heaven in his mandated field of calling and sphere of influence.

This card was produced on the occasion of “The sample of a true leader” a book that employs x-rays of Nya’s work, “Heir of Inheritance,” to explicate how a Man clothed in righteousness is a prevailing force with superior powers to transform the world and restore order, justice and peace in his area of gifting.

Card Theory:

Title of the Artwork:

The author of true conversation


Astraparche aged paper, cotton, acid and chlorine free, neutral ph. 350gsm

Dimensions of Print:

8.5 x 5.5 inches (21.59 cm x 13.97cm)

Artwork Publication Year:



Delivered unframed and packaged flat in a custom envelope specifically designed for protection in transit and preservation over time.

Additional Print Details:

This card is also accompanied with a synopsis of the preparatory drawing with a QR code that directs you to “Eternal letters to my Beloved,” a composition rendered in the form of an eternal monologue that percolates into an eternal conversation without an ascribed end or beginning.

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