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your eternal address resides in the composer of your words
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In Nya’s work from his “Divine Inspiration” series entitled “Retired Composer, the ineffable potency of The Word spoken consistently by a musician in his season of bleak despair empowers him to escape the valley of death by reviving his rotting flesh through infusing divine strength dwelling in his re-created spirit.

In the end, the gifted musician, who is now alluded to in this preparatory drawing for “Destiny of Words” as a restored cello is rewarded for his steadfast faith by receiving an extended warranty of life.

This card was produced on the occasion of “Destiny of Words” an exhibition held at Seed Gallery in 2016.

The works in the exhibition revealed the power of faith, a universal currency immune to inflation and according to the artist, has the immeasurable capacity to “resurrect any Man from the graveyard of mediocrity to heights of unsurpassable influence and dominion beyond cognition.”

Card Theory:

Title of the Artwork:

Your eternal address resides in the composer of your words


Astraparche aged paper, cotton, acid and chlorine free, neutral ph. 350gsm

Dimensions of Print:

11 x 8.5 inches (27.94 cm x 21.59 cm)

Artwork Publication Year:



Delivered unframed and packaged flat in a custom envelope specifically designed for protection in transit and preservation over time.

Additional Print Details:

This card is also accompanied with a synopsis of the preparatory drawing with a QR code that directs you to “Destiny of Words,” a triptych that portrays the passionate and covenantal relationship that binds the inspired Word given to a visionary in order to pursue his assignment and fulfill his purpose.

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